Trebor Developments place very high regard to undertaking development in a sustainable manner and have been involved in some of the Country’s best examples of sustainable buildings. We believe that sustainable development does not just extend to design and product specification but must involve the whole development process – including waste prevention and reduction, recycling and re-use of as much material as feasible and to promote and embrace the Government’s carbon reduction targets.  From early stage concepts, we work closely with our professional teams to develop designs that provide a sustainable solution.

We review all options to adopt sustainable power and heating solutions including ground source / wind / solar / aquifers / biomass and embrace new technologies as they are developed. Many solutions are site specific, for example allowing the use of natural ventilation as the principle for the design.  In order to develop sustainable designs, we take time with our teams and clients to understand the energy dynamics of each development. In addition, positive design is essential to achieve overall success in sustainability; for example, increasing natural light and improving the overall sense of ‘well being’ of building users are key factors we consider.